Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fuck the NSA

So, I'm taking this class from the Learn Liberty Academy. It isn't super involved but it's very enlightening. I surely recommend you take a look at the classes they offer.

Anyway, I'm partway through the class government power vs individual rights. The general gist is "Are the NSA activities legal/constitutional?" Of course if you are reading this, most likely you agree with my point of view of "Fuck no, that shit isn't legal nor constitutional!" Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but mine has been popped too.

It really looks like everything that they do is legal. Now, I sure as fuck still am against them, but suing them wont accomplish squat. They appear to have their bases covered. Now the constitutionality of those laws is dubious. They use some pretty thin precedents that have not made it to a point where we can expect an opinion on them. To the common man, we would call it sleazy. But considering the sleaze that is in DC, I doubt anybody there would take issue with it. The anointed ones in black robes certainly cant be trusted to issue their opinion strictly based on the constitution given their recent history.

Since they appear to be well within the law, and those laws aren't likely to be found unconstitutional, there are fewer choices left to combat this scourge. First off, vote some fuckers in that will fight for you. Lets get some new legislation. See my previous post about voting HERE.

Second, lets support the states that want to screw them over. I think it's funny when states and communities want to shut off the water or shut off the power. Of course I'm a bit demented with my sense of humor. We know the endgame, the feds will use violence to take the water or the electricity. I say good. If they prefer using violence on us, lets get it out in the open. Will that be the song we start the prom with? I dunno, but I sure am curious to know the answer. Lets stop the beating around the bush. If they are looking for that result, lets just get this dance started.

Lastly, well I guess we got to that already. There will come a point when it might be time to vote from the rooftops. My only advice then is remember the words of Tecumseh "When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home."

I'm positive I took this in a direction that the great folks who are putting on the class didn't expect it to go. But we live in a cold, hard world with no limit to the capacity for violence. I'm just calling it how I see it. Neither side to this issue is filled with people full of righteousness and one side is prone to use violence first and try diplomacy only as a last resort. That can be avoided, and this isn't likely the thing to set the powder keg off. But it's another step down that road. Without the rose colored glasses on, it sure does seem like we're picking up speed as we take this trip.

At any rate, catch me over on bookface to chat about this, or just comment here. Don't forget that I have a youtube channel with some new stuff on it, and some more stuff on its way.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I haven't been posting much lately. I'm currently taking three online classes from The University of Washington, Yale, and The University of Maryland. In addition to having a family and work, I've also been doing some filming for youtube videos. (Mostly gear reviews lately) All that has just left me with very little time.

As I was talking to folks over on bookface about what gear reviews they'd like to see, I got to do some thinking. There is some gear that I don't think I could do a proper video review for but still would like folks to know that I support a product or company. So I thought I'd do a few short reviews here on this blog.You can be sure this will be about the last gear review I do over here. I'm going to stick with youtube for that. I refuse to let my blog be about gear.

Blue Force Gear-
  They make some cool shit. I absolutely love their ten speed pouches. Those are genius. But the thing they do better than all others is slings. There is no other brand of sling that even compares to the excellence that is BFG. I'm currently running a convertible, padded Vickers sling (VCAS). This is the Rolls Royce of slings. I compared it directly to a Viking Tactical VTAC last week, and the Viking seemed like a Renault in comparison. The Viking is a fine piece of gear, but the BFG completely blows it out of the water in all categories.

Really, everybody knows Magpul. They have the best fucking magazines made, period. For that matter, if there is a piece of gear that they make, there is a high likelihood that it's the best piece of gear made.
Before you go all "What about the MBUS?" on me, let me ask you who makes a better plastic sight? Even the AFG, which I hate. It's likely the best angled foregrip on the market. The only area that they let me down was on their sling. The convertible idea was fucking awesome. I run a convertible too. I didn't like the webbing, but with the newest rendition, they appear to have changed it and are more in line with BFG there. But lets get back to the mags. I will base gun purchases around compatibility with Pmags. I can think of three rather high profile, bad ass boomsticks that dont like Pmags......HK416s, LWRC REPRs, and the FN SCAR heavy. You know what? I would own any of those. You could give me one and I'd trade it on something else, the P-mags stay.

Daniel Defense-
There are other companies that make rails, a lot of them suck. DD is the Rolls Royce. Sure, Larue is good. Geisselle is good....Ok, my list is done. And so far, they haven't done that gay fucking keymod shit. Keymod was so high tech in the early 20th century. And I'm pretty sure, that if you go flying down a stairwell at top speed and hit your flashlight on a door frame, you'll push those two little bolts back to the large opening and off she'll come. At least HK put the holes on the right way so you couldn't push your rail mounted stuff off by using it as a shooting brace. But, enough of keymod shit, back to DD......Sure great rails, The bolt up system is stronger than the host gun and for the most part, they come in lighter than comparable rails. On top of the rail situation, they make full guns that are top notch. They are one of three companies that I recommend to folks buying a complete gun.

Special Operations Equipment - 
John Motherfucking Willis is the man! His gear is absolutely the strongest, best built gear that money can buy. You might not be able to solely use SOE gear since they don't make every piece of gear, but they make a lot and it's all good. It may not be the latest, lightweight, but it will last longer and you wont find better sewing on anything. I have had John make me custom stuff, I use regular stock items, and he even sent me free gear when paypal was unhappy with me using them for gun purchases rendering me without a way to pay him. On top of that, if you follow him on bookface, you will be entertained.

That's my list. There are a lot of other companies that make good gear. Hell, I own a lot of other companies gear. But these are the ones that stand above their competitors. The ones I have faith in their products to be the absolute best. I'll still do gear reviews on individual pieces of gear over on my youtube channel, but I wanted to put in writing somewhere how strongly I feel about the above companies. Keep tuning in, I'll try to get more blogging in between all the other stuff.

Stop by my bookface if you want to hear the daily ramblings or have some more interaction.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Get offended much?

So over on my personal facebook page, I ran a little experiment. There was all this backlash against the duck tv show guy saying he didn't approve of some peoples choices and there was a line of people waiting to jail him, lynch him, torture him etc.

So I decided to make my own list of people who I didn't approve of. Took me a over a week to put them all out there. My list is in the MILLIONS. Much larger than the duck guy. And while nobody called for my death (yet) unlike the duck guy, people actually were offended. What the fuck? If you meet someone, and they say, "ya know, after finding out what you did, I don't think we can be friends" Why the fuck would you whine and complain, stomp your feet and scream "You must like me, we must be friends"? Who the hell want to be friends with someone that doesn't like them?

Now, out of my list. there wasn't one recorded instance of me harming any of those people in any way. I never once did anything negative to them. I believe in "Live and Let Live". That's exactly what I do, all day, every day. But I had to field complaints that I'm an asshole because while I don't approve of peoples choices, I don't act on that at all. I'm not sure what people want from me. If they expect me to be friends with everybody,  too fucking bad.

I have pretty high standards to be in my inner circle. If you aren't in that circle, you are out of it. No varying levels, in or out. And you know what? If you aren't in it, I'll still interact with you and treat you the same as everybody else. But to expect me to just let everybody in that circle is ridiculous! There is no participation award, I don't give out a trophy just for playing. You earn the right to be my friend, or we aren't friends. That doesn't make us enemies, we just aren't friends. Maybe we will become friends, maybe not, who knows.

According to the internets, because there are people out there that I don't like based solely off of their choices, I'm either A: a racist, B: an asshole, or C: a racist asshole. I'm still not sure how so many people can decide your a racist if you don't like the things other people do. But I guess it's the default, love everybody or you're a racist. So at any rate, according to the internets, you should stop reading these blogs.