Friday, January 3, 2014

Get offended much?

So over on my personal facebook page, I ran a little experiment. There was all this backlash against the duck tv show guy saying he didn't approve of some peoples choices and there was a line of people waiting to jail him, lynch him, torture him etc.

So I decided to make my own list of people who I didn't approve of. Took me a over a week to put them all out there. My list is in the MILLIONS. Much larger than the duck guy. And while nobody called for my death (yet) unlike the duck guy, people actually were offended. What the fuck? If you meet someone, and they say, "ya know, after finding out what you did, I don't think we can be friends" Why the fuck would you whine and complain, stomp your feet and scream "You must like me, we must be friends"? Who the hell want to be friends with someone that doesn't like them?

Now, out of my list. there wasn't one recorded instance of me harming any of those people in any way. I never once did anything negative to them. I believe in "Live and Let Live". That's exactly what I do, all day, every day. But I had to field complaints that I'm an asshole because while I don't approve of peoples choices, I don't act on that at all. I'm not sure what people want from me. If they expect me to be friends with everybody,  too fucking bad.

I have pretty high standards to be in my inner circle. If you aren't in that circle, you are out of it. No varying levels, in or out. And you know what? If you aren't in it, I'll still interact with you and treat you the same as everybody else. But to expect me to just let everybody in that circle is ridiculous! There is no participation award, I don't give out a trophy just for playing. You earn the right to be my friend, or we aren't friends. That doesn't make us enemies, we just aren't friends. Maybe we will become friends, maybe not, who knows.

According to the internets, because there are people out there that I don't like based solely off of their choices, I'm either A: a racist, B: an asshole, or C: a racist asshole. I'm still not sure how so many people can decide your a racist if you don't like the things other people do. But I guess it's the default, love everybody or you're a racist. So at any rate, according to the internets, you should stop reading these blogs.