Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ignorance is Bliss?

As I make my journey through life, I am awestruck with the level of ignorance displayed by the average American. On all fronts, in all categories. I assume American Civics has not been taught in schools for decades. Literally, I have not seen a person who graduated high school in the last 15 years that understands how our government works. Hell, I'm impressed when someone thinks they understand it and they are completely wrong. At least they cared enough to learn even if it was wrong. Economics, even worse. I admit my understanding of macro-economics is terrible. I do pay attention when I stumble into someone who understands economics on a global level. I'm trying. If the average idiot on the street were trying to comprehend the things he doesn't understand, I could at least respect him.

Personal Liberty.....I'm not sure if people don't understand the idea, don't like the idea, or are afraid of the idea. I talk to a lot of people every day, new groups of them rotating through my sphere of influence. I don't understand them. They want to be told what to do. What they can have, how much of something they can enjoy. They yearn for a ruler. I espouse the virtues of liberty and either look at me with bewilderment or contempt. How dare I tell them that I don't need their ruler? The same leader they yearn to please. Somehow it's an affront to their very existence that I don't need an adult to hold my hand crossing the street like they do. I struggle every day with how I should interact with them. My heart tells me "Fuck em, scumbags" but that doesn't seem like it will help in the long term. Educating them should be the answer, however education isn't something the average person seems interested in. They love their blanket of ignorance.

Oh hey, you're wondering what the point of this is?
In an effort to remove some ignorance locally, I'm involved with this cool seminar in Sunbury. Dispelling the Myths About Guns and Gun Laws in Pennsylvania. We're trying to open some eyes to a persons rights under the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution and Sec 21 Article 1 of the PA Constitution. If we all do our small part, maybe we can make a difference. If it doesn't work, at least when we say "Fuck em, scumbags" we can sleep soundly at night, knowing we tried. Regardless, if you are in the area for the event, come check it out.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A primer in Tremis perspective.

I wanted to make a statement before I get too involved in this blogging thing. I wanted to make sure the readers here (when I get some) understand my perspective on these posts.

The federal government is royally fucked. I said royally on purpose. The prevailing attitude from our overlords in DC is that they are the ruling class and we are the peasants. It might be a fair assessment since so many of my fellow countrymen view themselves as peasants too. However, the problem lies with those of us who don’t consider ourselves peasants. These are the same ilk that founded this country. How most generations just continued to give it away to a new ruling class is something I don’t completely understand. Admittedly, resistance was tried in earnest in the 1860s. But when that failed, it seems like the entire nation just started giving in. The union showed that it would rather kill you than give you back any of the power that is rightly yours. Are the men of this land so meek that they fear death above all else? It was rhetorical , no need to get all butthurt because your the guy saying “not me!”

Regardless of what comes next, I have no red in my ledger with the federal government. I served them while I believed I was serving my country. They certainly got more from me than I ever got from them. By default, I am a US citizen by reason of being a Pennsylvanian citizen. But I can tell you now, I view my state as superior to the union. With an ideal planted by Robert E Lee, the people of Pennsylvania are my countrymen. As long as my state government is headed in a direction that my ideals can accept, it will stay that way. If not, I have no problem becoming a Texan or
Tennessean. I have no desire to see the union fail, I expect the directors of that union to step in line and recognize their limited authority. If they choose not to, then the union failing is of no concern to me.

Please keep this in mind as I go off the deep end in later posts.